Saturday, December 04, 2004


barbie's deals

Hello, my name is Barbie. I am the sole owner of a cleaning business and I am not rich. I struggle to pay my bills like many others in this world. One of my biggest bills is my home phone. I checked out a couple of phone companies and was able to find one where my home phone billed was cut by at least $12 to $20 a month. The best part about it is all my long distance calls and regional calling(local long distance)was included in my bill. My phone bills use to be $70 to $80 a month. My highest phone bill with this new company since July 2004 was $57.57! If interested in learning how to lower your home phone bill go to my email address and send me an email with the subject being "lower my home phone bill".

I also found a place that will give you legal advice on just about every thing. For a monthly fee of $24.00 a month you can get an attorney. For an additional fee of $12.95 you can add Identity Theft. They can help you straighten out your life. Go to

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